Geotechnical Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering

JZN develops practical geotechnical solutions for challenging settings. Our engineers and geologists apply state-of-the art technologies to effectively meet clients’ goals. Each project begins with a thorough geological study of the site. Before performing an engineering analysis, we develop an integrated understanding of the geological, hydrological, and soil conditions through mapping and subsurface exploration. The information is accessed and communicated to our client in a timely fashion. JZN provides engineering services to design professionals, contractors, private developers and public agencies for retail buildings, residential developments, commercial buildings, industrial structures, urban/community development and public projects.

Our geotechnical engineering services include:

  • Dewatering Design Engineering Services
  • Dredged Material Stabilization
  • Foundation Engineering
  • Geological Studies
  • Ground Improvement/ Modification
  • Groundwater Studies
  • Pavement Design
  • Retaining Structures
  • Seismic Analysis
  • Slope Stabilization
  • Soil and Rock Mechanics
  • Subsurface Investigations

JZN uses innovative techniques to improve the ground itself so that contaminated, swampy or seismically sensitive soils can be rendered suitable for building structures of any kind. With new, cost-effective and environmentally sound methods, we are able to provide an array of solutions to our clients’ challenges.

Forensic Engineering
Forensic Engineering

Forensic geotechnical engineering deals with the investigation of failures of geotechnical origin, not only from a technical viewpoint but also with the possibility of litigation in mind. The process of forensic engineering includes data collection, characterization of distress, diagnostic testing, back analysis, instrumentation, development of failure hypotheses, reliability checks and legal issues.

Forensic investigations differ from conventional geotechnical investigations in that they are retrospective. They seek to explain what has happened rather than to predict future performance. A further distinguishing factor is that, following a failure, there is an urgency to clean up the site and rebuild or repair the works. This limits the time available for investigation and makes it essential that all relevant data is recorded before the evidence is removed.

Our engineering experience has allowed us to develop an expertise in establishing loss prevention practices for our clients. Our clients use our forensic expertise to resolve construction repair and maintenance issues, dispute inaccurate assertions and legal actions.

Our expertise is related to issues such as groundwater seepage, ground settlement, landslides, slope movements, foundation failure, and slab-on-grade and pavement distress.

We consult with our clients throughout our forensic investigation to support their decision making process. As necessary, we can provide expert testimony in legal cases.

Contractor Support
Contractor Support

Our professional engineers have the knowledge and experience to provide contractors with assistance from foundation value engineering to construction engineering support. We understand the fast track nature of construction projects and are committed to providing engineering solutions in a timely manner.

We approach each job with the primary goal of client satisfaction through innovative, cost effective, and competent solutions to the contractor’s geotechnical, earthwork, and foundation challenges. We have a reputation for aggressively representing our client’s interests while being able to develop technically sound and cost effective solutions to construction problems.

An essential objective of our team is to respond quickly to any problem that arises during construction which may potentially increase cost, prolong the schedule, or result in a completed project that fails to meet the owner’s expectations. Our contractor support services include:

  • Value Engineering
  • Temporary Shoring Design
  • Temporary Dewatering Systems
  • Crane Foundations
  • Subsurface Stabilization
  • Foundation and Earthwork Construction Consulting
Construction Quality Control
Construction Quality Control

Our professional construction quality control services focus on documenting and ensuring that our client’s project is constructed in accordance with all contract documents and meet standard quality.

At JZN, we meet our clients’ objectives by providing qualified and experienced project staff under the leadership of a registered Professional Engineer. To ensure that the project is constructed with the highest quality possible, we continually perform Quality Assurance and Peer Reviews by our senior staff throughout the life of each project.

We possess the expertise to provide earthwork recommendations based on the plans, specifications, and geotechnical reports. During construction, our scope of work may include:

  • Foundation subgrade testing including verification of subgrade soils, compaction, and bearing capacity
  • Drilled and driven pile observation and load testing
  • Slopes and earth retaining structures construction monitoring
  • Pre & post construction surveys and vibration/tilt monitoring
  • Materials testing and inspection of cast in-place concrete, steel reinforcement, asphalt, masonry and structural steel connections
  • Full-scale laboratory testing of soils and construction materials including asphalt and concrete
Stormwater Management
Stormwater Management

Stormwater management and erosion control on construction sites has become critical to successful project completion, as regulations and enforcement actions develop more aggressive every year. With new regulations currently in effect, owners of sites must be prepared to perform sampling and analysis of stormwater runoff on their construction sites. Regardless of the project size, project owners are obliged to limit stormwater discharges to sensitive water bodies. Many cities and agencies have adopted strict ordinances that require permanent stormwater planning and design measures. In some areas, projects must now be designed to demonstrate zero hydro-modification from pre-existing conditions. As a direct result of these measures, the cost of compliance both during and after construction continues to climb.

JZN’s engineers and stormwater specialists are experts at characterizing soil conditions pertinent to stormwater management. We have provided stormwater management consulting services for many construction projects, including residential, commercial and retail developments. Our specialties include:

  • Seasonal High Groundwater Determination
  • Field and Laboratory Soil Permeability and Percolation Determination
  • Mounding Analysis to Evaluate Impact on Neighboring Properties
  • Colloidal Soil Investigation
Support of Excavation Design
Support of Excavation Design

JZN provides practical support of excavation design services and solutions for all types of site conditions and project requirements. Our expertise in a broad range of support of excavation solutions allow us to provide the most cost effective design that work for both the developer and the contractor.

  • Soldier Pile
  • Micro Piles
  • Secant Piles
  • Slurry Wall
  • Sheet Pile
  • Kicker & Heel blocks
  • Tie Backs
  • Bulk Heads
  • Underpinning
  • Top Down Construction

JZN has extensive experience working with adjacent to high-rise buildings, MTA structures, utility easements, and public infrastructure. JZN will quickly and effective work with public agencies to ensure the prompt progress of your project.